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Reflexology Point: Lungs

In Chinese Medicine, there’s a direct relationship between the lung meridian (of energy) and the “invasion of external evil”, which is merely a Chinese way of saying, “cold germs.”

The lung meridian is considered the first barrier to protect the body from “evil pathogens. "Here's a diagram of the reflexology area for the lungs. It’s located on the ball of your foot, between the big toe and little toe. The location of the sore points on your feet will correlate to the soreness in your chest.

To massage this area, press deeply with your thumbs and when you feel a point that is tender to touch, press even deeper and massage using small circles. Massage the entire lung area, focusing on tender points for a total of one minute per foot. This will give your lung meridian an energy boost.

(See for more information: http://www.chinesefootreflexology.com/)

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