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What Does A Sore Point Mean?

* Something recent

* Something old

* Something chronic

* Something yet to unfold

Recent: if you bumped your elbow in the morning and it is sore; this will show up in your feet as an energy interruption.

Old: in your childhood you fell down and hit your knee. You can clear out interrupted energies of the past.

Chronic: if you have diabetes your pancreas and kidney reflex points may be sore.

Unfold: if the foot reflex point for your back is sore but your back is not; you may have been sitting more than usual. This will show up as an energy interruption but not yet as a physical symptom.

It is always easier to reverse an energy interruption before it shows up as a symptom.

Sore reflex points are telling you something. Regular reflexology can greatly improve the natural flow of energy inside your body creating a healthy body.

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