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Arches of the Foot

Did you know there are 3 arches in the feet?

Most of us think of only one arch in our feet but there are actually three and each one plays an important part in relationship to the mind, body and spirit.

The arch we are most familiar with is the medial arch. This is the spine reflex area that your reflexologist works to stimulate. Balance in this arch creates strength, stability and flexibility in the body.

The transverse arch runs across the diaphragm area of the foot. The diaphragm is the major muscle used to breathe giving life to the body. Traditional reflexology relates the transverse arch to spirit.

The lateral arch is in the reflex area of the large intestine and relates to the mind. If there in an imbalance it can represent holding back or holding onto something emotionally.

What you think, feel and how you move all work together in harmony. The feet are tattletales, they will often tell imbalances in the body, mind or spirit. Regular reflexology sessions can improve the flexibility, release tensions and increase overall wellbeing. The body was designed to heal itself if given the opportunity.

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