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Leaving Work at Work

Are you having trouble when you walk in the door at home and your mind is still at work? Here is a breathing technique for leaving work at work.

Before you take your first step out of the workplace, take a deep breath in. As you exhale, visualize releasing the tensions of the work day.

As you walk through each door on your way out of the building, take a deep breath in. With each exhale release a little more of the tensions of the day-feel your shoulders dropping and your body softening. Imagine your work issues carried away from you on your exhale.

When getting in the car, breathe in. With each exhale, leave a little bit more of your day behind you-back in the building you just left.

As you open the door of your home, breathe in deeply. With this exhale, release the last remnants of work. Step through the door with a feeling of lightness and freedom. Ready to enjoy your evening unburdened by workplace concerns.

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